A holiday home in the south of France really does need somewhere to cool off - but it took us roughly ten years to get to here
Two years in and our french house is still more shabby than shabby chic....
In a week where I leave the place I've worked for 22 years, I thought it might be helpful to remember the last time my career hit a bump in the road
The blog post in which I weigh up the pros and cons of having a permanent money drain of a falling down home vs 'normal' holidays.
Here is what happened when we took our kids skiing in France for the first time - it was not good despite how happy we look in the pics
It was cold, it was basic but it was probably one of the best christmases I ever had and eleven years later after COVID ravaged christmases, its nice to…
The joy of shopping for Brocante or shopping for broken old rubbish - your decide?
We had avoided making friends with other english people in France until we met the owners of a local camel farm
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We Bought A French House